Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wow, Two Years Later...

No, I wasn't referring to how long it's been since I have posted, even though the months have certainly flown by.  I finally finished the Clapotis I started two years ago!  This has been my "between projects" project for quite some time.  It has accompanied me just about everywhere I have gone the last couple years, has been worked on in cars, planes and even on a train from Atlanta to New York.  I have to say my most favorite place that I knitted on it was in France, overlooking the Dordogne Valley on a beautiful French day.


Lots of memories are knitted in to this project, and most recently that I completed it when I was five months pregnant!  Yep, we are expecting our third little girl and this project was the one I wanted to get done before starting on all kinds of cute little baby projects.  I think my first pair of little baby booties will be cast on this evening...



Yep, I will be wearing this one pretty much every day this winter and fall.

Yarn:  Mountain Colors Hand Painted Yarns in Twizzle (Marino Wool and Silk)
Size 8 needles