Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hush Baby, Sleep Baby


Last weekend my neighbor and dear friend held a baby shower in honor of this third little girl that will be entering into our lives soon.  I was very excited for present opening because I knew my mom had been working on a blanket for quite some time, she had even let me squish it under the table at knit group as long as I promised not to look.  I knew it was soft, and I knew she had used a yarn with cashmere in it like a lunatic, but wow I had no idea how beautiful it was.  The pattern is the Lullaby Blanket by Jennifer Lori on Ravelry and it has the words Hush Baby, Sleep Baby knit into it.  I can't think of any better sentiment for a new baby.  Well, ok, a few sentiments were come up with at the shower that really represented what you want to say to a baby that absolutely refuses to sleep, but of course we will stick with this sweet version.  Mom used Cascade Cash Vero DK yarn, which is one of those you can't stop rubbing on your face.  She told me I can send it back to her when it needs washing and blocking so I don't screw it up in my sleep deprived haze.  She's the best!!!


It looks great in her room... just waiting for a baby to wrap in it! (6 more weeks to go, give or take).


Here is one more picture, of me opening it at the shower so you can get a size reference.  This blanket is big!  Perfect for snuggling up a December baby...


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bitty Bump

The Bitty Bump is done!  Wow, this is a quick little knit, I think just as quick as the booties in my last post.  I did get stuck on how to do the tiny cap sleeves and had to enlist some guidance and support from Grammy (as in, she just knit the darn things since they are only two rows each) but the rest went crazy fast with the malabrigo super chunky rasta.  I can't wait to actually put this on a chilly winter baby!


Can we talk about this yarn for a moment?  It is luscious.  It begs to be squeezed, and rubbed against your cheek, and then squeezed some more.  People pick up this vest to look at it and end up hugging it to their bodies.  I have had to tell my children to step away from the malabrigo several times.  This morning Sam found a scrap on the floor and came and asked permission to have it.  Like, a three inch scrap.  Then she giggled maniacally when I said yes.  The sad part, I had to think about it for a second before saying yes.  There is definitely a dark side to this yarn, it makes a knitter want to hoard it, build a nest out of it, and live in it like a hamster.  I think if this baby vest had only required one skein I would already be at the yarn shop this morning buying more, but luckily it needed a tiny bit from a second skein, so I have almost a full one to make myself this.  Yes, I may need an intervention.


Pattern:  Bitty Bump on Ravelry
Size 15 needles, 11s for cap sleeves
Yarn:  Malabrigo Rasta Super Chunky in the color Piedras

Monday, August 29, 2011

Baby Projects!

The endless baby projects have begun!  First up are these cute and teeny tiny booties made with a bit of leftover yarn from my Clapotis.  These are the "Chaussons mignons", a free pattern on Ravelry, and couldn't be easier.  You basically knit a T shape, fold the tops of the T down and sew around the edges.  So cute!  A project that even I can finish quickly!


I have now started on the "Bitty Bump", an itty bitty little vest being knit with the most luscious Malabrigo chunky yarn imaginable.  This one should also be quick if I could just figure out how to do the cute little armholes.

Annnnd... to make sure I have plenty of things going on at one time I ordered this stack of Joel Dewberry Heirloom fabrics from Fabricworm to make an airy little baby blanket (I got the voiles, they are so soft!):

These are washed and ironed, ready for me to start whacking them into squares.  I am finally going to make a zig zag quilt, which I have been wanting to make for quite some time, a lot like this one, or this one, or this one, so many to browse on flickr!

I have to get to work, there are a lot more projects in line after these ones!!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wow, Two Years Later...

No, I wasn't referring to how long it's been since I have posted, even though the months have certainly flown by.  I finally finished the Clapotis I started two years ago!  This has been my "between projects" project for quite some time.  It has accompanied me just about everywhere I have gone the last couple years, has been worked on in cars, planes and even on a train from Atlanta to New York.  I have to say my most favorite place that I knitted on it was in France, overlooking the Dordogne Valley on a beautiful French day.


Lots of memories are knitted in to this project, and most recently that I completed it when I was five months pregnant!  Yep, we are expecting our third little girl and this project was the one I wanted to get done before starting on all kinds of cute little baby projects.  I think my first pair of little baby booties will be cast on this evening...



Yep, I will be wearing this one pretty much every day this winter and fall.

Yarn:  Mountain Colors Hand Painted Yarns in Twizzle (Marino Wool and Silk)
Size 8 needles

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Alpaca Birthday Love

Ever since we met these handsome fellows on a trip out to Idaho...


... there have been many attempts to convince my mom she needs alpacas of her own.  She really wants alpacas of her own, which makes it all the more fun to try to get her to commit to the adventure, especially when everyone has had a few rounds of vodka tonics.  Seeing that there could still be years of cocktail induced cajoling left on our part, I decided to knit her an alpaca, and maybe he could help convince her she needs the real thing. 

(I mean, when you see this face, don't you want a real alpaca?)
This is my third Rebecca Danger pattern, Zeke the Aloof Alpaca, and every time I knit one of her patterns I am delighted with the outcome. 


Zeke actually became Stewart after being presented to my mom at a recent birthday dinner.  I can't say I was sad to see him go, he has QUITE the sweet tooth and he and I almost came to blows over the samoas on more than one occasion.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chalkboard Paint Valentines


I'm sure that the obsession with chalkboard paint will subside eventually, but my desire to put it on EVERYTHING definitely influenced our Valentine's day craft this year.  I think this simple idea turned out great even though I'm a little scared of what phrases will show up on the one residing on our fridge (there's a lot of twisted humor that goes on around here).


I set out for Michael's looking for the same wooden hearts that we used last year, but they didn't have enough of that size this time (we have to make 50 to cover both classes) so I went a little larger, which probably was for the best because it is really hard to write legibly in chalk really small.  My main advice for painting the wooden hearts with chalkboard paint is use primer, I didn't and it took several coats to get them black enough because the paint soaks into the wood.  We added button magnets to the back, then the girls signed them all in chalk for their classmates.  The signed hearts went into little cellophane baggies with candy and a piece of chalk.  I was worried about the baggies rubbing the chalk off, but the cellophane was actually stiff enough that it didn't rub against the hearts at all.


The first post I ever did on this blog was on our first handmade class valentines, so happy blogiversary to me!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rotini Scarf - Video

As promised, here is a quick video to show exactly how to start and knit the rotini scarf.  Hopefully this will clear up the confusion surrounding short rows and get everyone who has had questions knitting away on this fun scarf! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Knitting - Gap-tastic Cowl


I can only think of one activity that can keep me continually entertained for 6 days of being snowed in.  I don't know what I used to do in such situations before I learned to knit!  Last week I started the Gap-tastic Cowl as the first flakes began to fall and bound off as most of the snow finally melted away. This great big scrunchy cowl is listed on my 2011 Crafty Resolution list and there are quite a few reasons I became instantly enamored with it:

1) It was posted on Ravelry and quickly had hundreds of knitters knitting it. I'm a sucker for knitting crowd mentality.
2) It is a pattern written up after someone went into the Gap, said "I can make that", counted the stitches and went home and knit it up.  I have the desire to do this very same thing all the time, but rarely follow through, so it felt good to mooch off of the same sentiment from someone else.
3) It can be worn several ways.  I can never resist versatility.
4) It promised to be quick and simple. Even for a slow as molasses type knitter like myself.
5) There was a buy one get one free sale on Lion Brand Thick and Quick yarn at Michael's. Free Yarn!
6) Did I mention there was a forecast for a huge snow storm?


I simply didn't stand a chance against all of these factors and had to start on it immediately, even though I have several projects STILL waiting for my attention.  Like a rotini scarf perhaps.  Or a Clapotis for goodness sakes.  Or, shame of easily distracted knitter shames, Melissa's socks, which were for her birthday last July!!!  I have to admit that there was a very large sense of satisfaction after finishing this up after 6 days, which means a knitter that knits at more than a snails pace could make this in a day or two.  It's warm, it's smooshy, and it is marked off the list!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rotini Scarf Update

(How we spent New Year's day. We had so much fun it may need to become a tradition.)
The most visited post on this blog is my "A Scarf by Many Names" post from last November.  Apparently rotini scarves or potato chip scarves or ruffle scarves or whatever you want to call them are quite popular.  There is even a forum on craftster concerning my post for people that don't understand what I mean by the "knit 8, turn and knit back" directions.  Isn't it funny how the simplest things can somehow be so hard to understand?  I truly feel for these knitters since I read patterns all the time and think "what the HELL are they talking about?", but once I am shown whatever it is I can't believe I couldn't figure it out.  I think I will try to film a little video this weekend on short rows, it is the only way I can take the befuddled masses, sit them down, and show them what I mean.  It will be easy to film this video since my scarf is still a little over halfway done, unlike my mom who has knit, I think at last count, five?  Maybe six?  Two of them were Christmas presents for the shrimp, modeled above.  Here are some more pics for your viewing pleasure, I still love how the noro yarn makes them so colorful! 


You'll notice that on these she sewed the tips together at each end and added a big, lovely flower button.  I'm pretty sure I will do something similar on mine, when I get around to actually finishing it.  The one below she knitted for herself... it is from a slightly thicker noro yarn and she reduced the number of stitches in a row to compensate.  It is just as ruffle-y, but has a little extra squish to it, which is nice.  Wouldn't these make a wonderful Valentine's day present for someone you know?


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spud and Chloe Scrunch Scarf


Atlanta saw more snow last week than it had in well over a decade, 1993 is the last time anyone remembers the city being shut down by snow for a week.  This posed the perfect opportunity to snuggle into the new scarf my mom knit me for Christmas and I can report that it is a very warm, squishy scarf.  She knit The Scrunch Scarf (free pattern from Spud and Chloe) with yarn she picked up at Purl Soho when we were in New York a few weeks ago.  She says it is a super fast knit, which must be true since she has already whipped up another one for herself.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Crafty Resolution List

I have been miserably sick with strep, that my dear daughter shared with me, for the last few days and pretty much all I could muster the strength to do was catch up on blogs.  This time of year everyone is busy posting their New Year's resolutions and as I laid there sick, feverish and delusional I had time to think about the type of resolution I wanted to make this year.  Not something boring like exercising or eating right (those especially don't sound appealing when the room is spinning and your throat is on fire), but something fun instead.  Something I want to do instead of something I feel like I need to fix.  Maybe this misses the point of resolutions, but it sure was a nice diversion to think about things I would like to do when I felt better.  I am resolving to take the time to accomplish some of the online tutorials/patterns/recipes that I have had starred and on my list for quite some time (some of them since I started reading blogs in 2008).  I guess it is sort of like resolving to do more of the things I like to do, or resolving to get off the computer and make stuff, or resolving to narrow my focus since I chose from hundreds of starred items in google reader to come up with the following list of fifteen things I would like to sew, knit or cook in the coming year.  These ones stood out in particular because they are all things that I have thought about doing several times, have most likely already subjected my husband to descriptions of their cleverness, and quite likely have already bought the supplies for, but just haven't quite made the time in the past to complete them.  So, this resolution will also clear out some mental clutter upon completion.

2011  Crafty Resolution List

Drafty Door Thingy from Not Martha

Doorstop from Wipster (via the long thread)

Buttercup Bag from Made by Rae (I even bought fabric to make this well over a year ago)

Gathered Clutch by Skip To My Lou

Zippered Pouches by Flossie Teacakes (via How About Orange) or These by Sew 4 Home

Reusable Snack Bags by I Have to Say

Granola - Soule Mama's adaptation

Butter via Angry Chicken comments on the subject - Have been thinking about this since she first posted it, we love butter!

Elf Hats - ok, this one is from a book, More Last Minute Knitted Gifts, which I own, but after seeing SouleMama knit a bunch of these for Christmas presents I can't stop thinking about them.

Gap-tastic Cowl - This one is on Ravelry.  I love it when something so incredibly simple becomes rampantly popular as soon as someone takes the time to write a free pattern.  It is taking all my willpower to not start one of these immediately, and it doesn't help that Lion Brand yarn is buy one get one free at Michael's today, or that it is supposed to snow starting tonight.  At least now I have the excuse that it is part of my New Year's resolution!

French Press Felted Slippers - top left pattern.  I own this pattern, I have watched almost every knitter in the blogosphere knit up a pair, it is time to get over my fear of all those seams and trust in the magic of felting!

5 Minute Skirt by Angry Chicken

Felted Knitting Basket from Martha Stewart

Bunny Nuggets by Rebecca Danger

Figure 8 Scarf by Anna Maria Horner - already have the fabric, should be a quickie!

Do you have any long-thought-about craftiness that you want to accomplish this year? 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Handmade Gift the Fourth - Aiden Hat


If you have been reading my blog for a while you may remember that my husband got a nice, manly wool scarf for Christmas last year.  This year he finally got the hat to match.  A very basic ribbed hat from the Rowan Coulorscape Folk book (ravelry link).  The hat pattern is nothing exciting, but the yarn has nice changes of color to make it interesting and enough weight to make this hat go very quickly, definitely knittable in a day if one had a chunk of time to devote to it.


Pattern:  Aiden Hat from Rowan Colourscape Folk
Yarn: Rowan Colourscape Chunky in Storm
Needles: Size US 10 1/2  straights (could easily be knit in the round too)