Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Bit Too Bitty Bump

I knit this sweater-vest type thing (the Bitty Bump) for this child before she was born.  Last winter, when it would have fit her properly, we had a crazy warm winter here in Atlanta and never even tried it on her.  The joy of this garment was really in knitting it, and thinking about the little person about to enter the world that would wear it.  This season, in contrast, has already seen several very cold days and my husband stuck it on her for errands yesterday.  I couldn't believe it still fit her in the shoulders, and I think she totally rocked it as a shrug.  The pattern is such a fast knit that I am seriously considering unraveling this one and adding another skein of that delicious Malabrigo Rasta to it to make a bigger one.  Of course as soon as I do that we will start to have a 70 degree winter again.