Sunday, May 23, 2010

Softball Knitting

It was almost too hot to knit this weekend, almost.  Multiple tournament softball games present lots of time to start new pojects if you can stand to have wool in your hands in 90 degree heat.  She's so darn cute when playing catcher, and her team made it to the final tournament game tomorrow night!

Monday, May 10, 2010

April Camp Session

Sheesh, it isn't even summer yet and we are busier than the carpenter bees burrowing into my back deck!  Every weekend has been packed, from weddings of friends to celebrating our own anniversary with a trip to Asheville and a recent session of Quilt Camp!  (can you believe it has been a year?  definitely does not seem like that long since this and this).  I don't have a single picture to share of a quilt from quilt camp, or even a quilt top.  Not because there weren't any made but because my camera was acting funky and all the pictures of quilts I took turned out out of focus (I think it needs a good cleaning after our recent visit to the beach).  However, lots of other things happen at quilt camp besides completed quilt tops!  There is often a fair amount of knitting,

some long and laborious hand applique,

pillowcases making for charity,

even some curtain making,

here you go, here is a picture of an almost assembled quilt top.  Well trust me, it is there under Rillion, our official layout and design helper.

Another round of friends, food, fruity drinks and enough sewing to make us look like a Bernina commercial...

a whole uninterrupted weekend of fiber obsession feels so decadent, try it!