Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Great Provider

Let me tell you why I am a rock star today. I made clothing for my children. From like, scratch. That they can wear and stuff! And, hopefully, not even be embarrassed in, because they are the super cutest little skirts EVER! (obviously I have never made a piece of clothing in my life). As another distraction from the quilt I am currently hard at work on, and hopefully to fill the need for a quick project completion, I decided yesterday afternoon to finally whip up a couple of skirts from the pattern that has been lurking on my sewing table since last October. The pattern can be found here on the lovely Grand Revival blog. This pattern is soooo easy (well, once you figure out how to make a ruffle) and I finished both skirts in a few hours. It would have gone faster if not for the whole ruffle learning curve and one could easily be made in an evening. Luckily warm weather (skirt weather) is coming because I definitely see more of these in the girls' future. Except I have a quilt to quilt. Skirts, no. Quilt, yes. Must focus. Hopefully it will be showing up here soon, I'm ready to let this one go live its intended life on the couch and off my sewing machine.

Goes with mandatory pink cow-girl boots... check.

Good twirl factor... check.

I actually made both skirts the same size. Jumbo Shrimp is not at all thrilled that Popcorn Shrimp is catching up to her in height.


Kathy Bridges said...

the Grammy

Arwen said...

I can already tell you Noodle will want one.

Anonymous said...

OK - feeling extremely guilty (not quilty)for not coming to visit the
Princesses in April! How adorable they are and I miss you all terribly!

Since fashion merchandising was my thing,I must say that Ms. Kate has created an extremely fashionable, functinal and darn right adorable skirt for the girls! Would you make one for me too?

Nana Dee Dee