Monday, July 12, 2010

A Scarf By Many Names

I definitely had a "look something shiny" moment in the yarn store last week with my mom, the culprit is a scarf that can't even decide what it is called.  The free pattern I got from the yarn shop says "rotini scarf"  or "potato chip" scarf, but a search in ravelry reveals scarves of those names that are not the same pattern as this one (the scarves by those names are cast on at the edge and knit sideways, or else they are crochet).  A search for ruffle scarves reveals wayyyyy too many scarf patterns to look through, but I came closest to a similar pattern when I found one called a "corkscrew" scarf.  The pattern is so ridiculously simple and was free with yarn, so I will put it at the end of this post. 

Back to the point, this scarf is completely addictive, and when knit with Noro yarn is downright entrancing.  The pattern is short, easily memorized and watching the scarf swirl as you knit is cackle inducing (just ask my husband).  I tried to not cast on for it until I finished at least one of Melissa's socks, however resistance was futile.  I should just admit that there's no going back until it is complete, at the rate I am going I'll get it done in a week or two and then can get back to the socks.

Corkscrew/Rotini/Potato Chip Scarf Pattern

(edits added for clarification, based on some questions)

Size 8 or 9 needles
Any medium weight yarn will do, I highly suggest a non-scratchy noro for color fun.

Cast on 20 stitches
Knit 8 - turn (turn your work as if you were at the end of a row, but you aren't)
Knit 8 back (knit back along the first 8 stitches you knit in previous row)
Knit 6 - turn (turn your work as if you were at the end of a row, but you aren't)
Knit 6 back (knit back along the 6 stitches you knit in previous row)
Knit 4 - turn (turn your work as if you were at the end of a row, but you aren't)

Knit 4 back (knit back along the 4 stitches you knit in previous row)

Knit 20 (ignore your short rows and just knit straight across the whole 20 stitches)

start over with the knit 8 row - that's it, just keep going to desired length and bind off!
(it takes a good 6 inches into the scarf before it starts to "corkscrew")

Video directions now posted here!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Knitting Time/Space Continuum Warp

I had a very odd experience the other day... after I posted about Melissa's birthday socks I was reading the fall KnitSimple magazine that I grabbed at a new way-too-close-to-me yarn shop and right there in the magazine were the socks I had just posted about. 

My Sock:

Magazine Sock:

(this picture also proves that good studio lighting gives a much better representation of yarn colors)

Now, usually I see something in a magazine, drool over it for a very long time, then finally get around to knitting it.  This was like some sort of knitting time warp!  I actually somehow started knitting a project in a magazine feature before ever seeing it.  I'm talking same Unisomo yarn and colorway and same pattern here people!  Freaky.  I have to admit it made me feel quite clever, like I am in tune with the knitting pulse of the universe.  Maybe I am a yarn psychic!  Nah, just a yarn psycho.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Melissa!

America shares her birthday with my good friend, Melissa, who has been subtley suggesting that she may like some hand knit socks for her birthday.  If subtle means comments on my blog, texts, and random quotes from Dr. Seuss' Fox In Socks on my facebook page.  It's hard to deny someone that really appreciates a handmade gift, or someone so relentless about one, so I have been working away on these for the last few weeks.  They aren't finished, it's challenging to find a sense of urgency for something that can't be worn until winter, but I will keep knitting away and by the time it is cool enough for her to stand having them on her feet they will be done. 

As usual, my mom had to show me up and finish a coordinating project to go with the socks before I got the actual socks done, so Melissa gets these super cute fingerless gloves to match her socks.  Happy Birthday Melissa!