Sunday, March 9, 2008

Camo Kitty

Whipped up another pointy kitty last Wednesday. This one is for my uncle, who when he saw a picture of all of us with our pointy kitties on our heads from Valentine's day sent an email that only said, "Where's my f***ing pointy kitty", subtle as usual. Mom and I decided that he definitely did need a kitty since they have made Christmas crafts for the whole family many years past and actually enjoy handmade things, so another kitty was born in extremely appropriate camouflage fabric. (Mom came over and motivated me out of my post-flu funk and we did this one in a few hours). Kitties were given out at the family birthday party last night and I think well received. I also managed to let go of the sunflower quilt to pass it on to its intended recipient (it was hard, it looked really nice hanging at the top of my stairs!) and I think it was a big hit too.

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Kathy Bridges said...

Awh, so pretty! And, the quilt is hanging beautifully in the family room!