Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bitty Bump

The Bitty Bump is done!  Wow, this is a quick little knit, I think just as quick as the booties in my last post.  I did get stuck on how to do the tiny cap sleeves and had to enlist some guidance and support from Grammy (as in, she just knit the darn things since they are only two rows each) but the rest went crazy fast with the malabrigo super chunky rasta.  I can't wait to actually put this on a chilly winter baby!


Can we talk about this yarn for a moment?  It is luscious.  It begs to be squeezed, and rubbed against your cheek, and then squeezed some more.  People pick up this vest to look at it and end up hugging it to their bodies.  I have had to tell my children to step away from the malabrigo several times.  This morning Sam found a scrap on the floor and came and asked permission to have it.  Like, a three inch scrap.  Then she giggled maniacally when I said yes.  The sad part, I had to think about it for a second before saying yes.  There is definitely a dark side to this yarn, it makes a knitter want to hoard it, build a nest out of it, and live in it like a hamster.  I think if this baby vest had only required one skein I would already be at the yarn shop this morning buying more, but luckily it needed a tiny bit from a second skein, so I have almost a full one to make myself this.  Yes, I may need an intervention.


Pattern:  Bitty Bump on Ravelry
Size 15 needles, 11s for cap sleeves
Yarn:  Malabrigo Rasta Super Chunky in the color Piedras