Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Has Been Thoroughly Welcomed

Easter weekend for us was crammed full of fun activities and I now feel like we have done all we can to let Spring know that she is truly welcome. (of course, maybe she didn't get the memo since its been 35 degrees the last two mornings). We went off with one of the girls' best friends and her mom to see Horton Hears a Who on Saturday morning. I wouldn't usually say going to see a movie is a good way to celebrate a new season, but the story was such a childhood favorite and feeling like a kid again definitely puts a "spring" in your step (sorry, couldn't resist). We had our neighborhood egg hunt along with gorgeous weather...

and got up Easter morning to hunt more eggs and make ourselves sick with Easter basket candy. A little spring cleaning and a lot of cooking ended with a scrumptious meal with the fam, and to top it all off a bunny cake decorating competition. I'm just proud that I remembered to use the bunny cake pan I picked up on a whim back in February, usually that kind of thing gets stashed somewhere and completely forgotten. Some days I'm on top of my game, some days not so much. But then I did give everyone tubes of gel food coloring to decorate with instead of the cake decorating gel that I thought they were, so maybe I shouldn't get too pleased with myself. It was fun to laugh at everyone's green and blue teeth though.

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