Thursday, April 3, 2008


Putting the binding on a quilt is really one of my favorite parts of the process. Quilters are always trying to find ways to do it faster, but I like the slowness of it. The feel of the fabric in your hand, that has now been given the nice weight of a quilt, a last chance to get up close and personal with your fabric choices and the design you chose. Because lets face it, once it's really done it becomes something that is woven into the every day, which is fabulous in and of itself, but you will never again be as closely connected to something you have put so much time and energy into. Slowly putting a stitch around every inch of the perimeter, for me, is meditative, reflective, soothing. Even with the girls asking every five minutes "aren't you done yet?!!".


quiltu said...

rwI feel the same way except when I am under a deadline! Good photo!!

Hoffrooe said...

I am sure your kitties aren't excited for you to finish. I love this part of the quilting process as well and even more so when one of my kitties assists me.

Quiltin' Jenny said... your blog! It is great to see your girls so grown up. How can that be?

Now I have to try that detergent recipe. Have you found a way to make it smell better yet? I wonder if Ivory Snow flakes would save a step AND smell nice.

Hope to see you at guild soon. I'll definitely be checking back in.