Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reader and Stars

Last week I was chatting with my friend and she mentioned that she was going to add my email address to her list of people to be notified when she updated her blog. I was confused for a minute and said that I automatically saw when her blog was updated through my Google Reader and then realized that she was not using a reader. This was pretty unfathomable to me because I read so many blogs that there would be no way to keep up with them without Google Reader (yes, there are other readers, but I'm of course biased towards the one I use). So I pointed her in the right direction and then got to thinking about all the things I love about blog readers. Obviously that they show when someone has updated their blog without you having to actually go to each blog, and that you can view most blogs in one place, but also the feature I am completely addicted to and probably use way too much is being able to star items. I love, love, love starring things I want to make, bake, do, buy, remember, and then being able to scroll through all these favorite blog posts on one page. It totally rocks! So in honor of how much I heart my Google Reader, here are some of my recently starred items (my actual list is 98 items long, there are so many great ideas on blogs!)


The eight dollar dress (I think this would be a great way to make a customized bathing suit coverup) via Not Martha

Cardigans out of sweaters, cool! (thanks Arwen) via Not Martha

Heather Bailey's new fabrics!!!

Reversible headbands


Homemade cinnamon rolls from Angry Chicken (I already bought the bread book because of all her posts about it)

Pink Mojitos on Casapinka

Pies in jars! Oh My! I will be trying these really soon.

Warm and Nutty Cinnamon Quinoa, would love to try quinoa as something sweet

Pop Up Pancakes The girls would love these.


Fabric as wallpaper! And all you need is starch! I could go really crazy with this.

Staircase redo, I happen to have a set I want to rip the runner off of.

Fabric Covered Jar Lids because finding more places to use fabric is essential!

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nevergonnabelievethis said...

My favorite cranberry apple pie would be great baked in a teeny tiny jar! Much love to you!