Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day

Ahh, the smell of new pencils and composition notebooks... I can never resist the composition notebooks, I buy myself a new one each fall too. This year mine is green and ready for lots of lists and random idea sketches. The girls headed out into the world this morning to lead their own separate lives again until next May. It was awfully quiet around here until they returned with stories about their day, old friends and new possibilities. Little tornadoes needing a snack, exploding in a flurry of papers, inviting over friends for some hurried play before dinner and preparations for another day on their own, out in the wide world. Their leaving feels decadent for a bit, but the world seems to shift slightly askew, and by the time they return I'm relieved that they have come to set it straight again.
(I love this picture with my third child in the window, luckily he is homeschooled)


Arwen said...

We start next week. Noodle gets the only teacher she didn't want (she thinks he is too strict, I am looking forward to it). Your children are so beautiful, the blond one doesn't quite look like the other two though...different father?

Kathy Bridges said...

My babies off to concur the world...They are ready, I'm not!
the Grammy

Shannon said...

My kids are all in school as of today. Yay! My youngest is in Kindergarten. I had to pull him off the playground while almost half his class were in tears about leaving their mommies and daddies. I guess I'm lucky!

MelissaS said...

Didn't notice Jack-o in the window until you mentioned him! LOL!