Sunday, December 21, 2008

Double Festival of Lights

There's a lot of covert crafting and secret shopping missions going on around here, but we took some time this evening to celebrate the solstice and also the first day of Chanukkah. It was a really nice break from all the craziness! It was a double festival of lights by the time we go done lighting the last of the 21 solstice candles and the menorah. Jay dusted off his hebrew and said the prayers, we had some dreidel action and the girls were thrilled to get to open a present so early. I think we all had fun starting some new traditions this year.


quiltu said...

Is that money I see on the table? Are my precious darlings learning how to gamble?
the Grammy

Anonymous said...

it's not gambling! we all share after the game is over. anyway, it should be played with chocolate coins, but we didn't have Vegas, here we come!

Arwen said...

Yeah, where's the gelt? I should post pix of our oh so not traditional menorah, it's lovely.