Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mountains and Pillowcases

After returning from a lovely trip to St. Louis it has been a whirlwind of work and camp and getting ready for school to start... and a last minute jaunt up to a friend's mountain house last weekend. My return to full-time work last February has made it hard to stay as connected to two of my favorite ladies as I would like, and all of us being available to run away for a quick weekend of girl bonding was just too good to pass up.

My crazy friend Melissa was so excited at the prospect that she went completely over the top whipping up goody bags for us. They were so cute, little trinket necessities like a big drink cup and leis among other dollar store treats, and she somehow managed to print up some cute t-shirts and make pillowcases! If you watch The Office you will recognize the t-shirt quote, and all weekend you could hear melissa expounding "it isn't an event without SWAG!". I have to say I agree!

My pillowcase was made with squirrel fabric (because she is evil, but also knows I love that line) and some lovely Heather Bailey fabric. Christy's pillowcase was cupcakes with cute pink University of Georgia fabric on the edge.

We pretty much ate a huge breakfast, sat on the porch, read trashy magazines, ate snacks, sat on the porch, and gabbed. There may have been a few very large cups of sangria... mmmm.

Back to the pillowcases for a moment. I mentioned in my pillowcase tutorial what a great gift pillowcases are, but I just have to emphasize it again! All week I have gone to bed and smiled at my pillowcase from last weekend, and it will always remind me of good times with friends. Before putting the one Melissa made on my pillow, I had on one from the set that my friend Audrey made for a wedding gifty in our wedding colors. I can pull those out every anniversary as just another little reminder of that wonderful day. We also have ones that we put on pillows for birthdays and almost all major holidays. If you haven't made some I highly recommend it!

Audrey's wedding pillowcases


MelissaS said...

Good times, good times. And I and the rest of humankind is very grateful that you didn't post any pictures of us. I'm sure we looked like quite a motley crew!

Kate said...

Yes, the few I had were a bit rough.

Christy said...

Hmmmm, am I going to have to learn how to thread the sewing machine again to make pillowcases?!?! I think I might have to; I have two little boys that are way jealous of my cupcake pillowcase. And, thanks for not posting any rough pictures of me :) Love you!

Kathy said...

That sangria looked fabulous and healthy!!!!!? Looks like a special weekend. Pillowcases are a great place to start Christy and I would be willing to help you.
Grammy Kathy

Anonymous said...

Kate - I always love your blog updates. I am also honored to have my pillowcase featured. Thank you - Audrey