Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sunday Sewing Bliss

This past Sunday we went to spend the day at Grammy's house to sew.  The youngest child received a Hello Kitty sewing machine, just like her big sister's, for Christmas and wanted to get started on her first quilt.  The older child has a book report due at the end of the month for which the students can choose any medium they want to do the report in.  She chose a quilt.  Do I even have to tell you how happy both of these young children yearning to sew make me?  And when I say yearning, they have both been BEGGING to sew on these projects for weeks now.  Luckily Grammy wanted to help, I don't think I could have handled both of them working at the same time.  Sewing with small children takes a lot of patience and constant vigilance since they are using irons and pins and machines, but it is so worth it when you see how proud they are of their finished projects.  Sam finished her quilt, proudly displayed below, but Courtney still has some embellishments to put on her book report quilt before it is ready to show off.


Anita said...

How sweet. Can ask the age of your girls? I have a five and half year old and I think she might be a bit young to start on the sewing machine.

Kathy said...

Does this make a Grammy's heart happy? You betcha!!
Anita, 5 1/2 might be a little young. The youngest turns 6 in a few days. She did about 85% of that quilt herself. But, I was hanging on her shoulder every second to make sure no fingers got stitched. And, we haven't gotten into threading the machine, winding bobbins and all the other "stuff" that must be done. You can always start with hand sewing.

Andi said...

Absolutely gorgeous.
What a clever girl!!!

molly:: apple cyder said...

Sam's quilt is beautiful! I can't wait to see Courtney's. What a nice Grammy to supervise this wonderful creativity! You must be so proud.

Anonymous said...

What clever, sweet girls! So proud to be their Great Aunt!

Aunt Jan

Kate said...

Anita: Sam turns 6 next week and Courtney just turned 8. There is definitley a big difference in their abilities at a sewing machine at their two ages. As my mom said, Sam has to be watched like a hawk, but Courtney is gaining some confidence and can do straight lines with just an occasional reminder to make sure she is lining up the fabric with the foot. It all depends with how much time/attention you have to devote to the session whether or not I would advise starting a five and a half year old. I would say yes, but with a small, simple project and short sessions.

Andi: Thanks!

Molly: Yes, proud of my sewists and proud of the Grammy too!

Mary said...

I love this post! My little Sam(antha) is 5 years old and I gave her the Janome sew mini for xmas. She LOVES it and can sew on it all by herself... she's so proud of the quilt she is making from the charm pack I got for her. I felt really sheepish buying her the machine for xmas even though I felt she was ready. So glad to see that others are doing the same for their VERY EAGER little sewers!