Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1 thru 31 of 365

We really did make it thru a picture a day for January.  I'm really liking having a little tidbit from each day, even though some days nothing is really going on or you are too tired to think of something to take a picture of.  Looking back on the month as a whole encourages me to keep going...

If you want to see descriptions you will have to go click on each picture in my set on flickr, I try to say something about each picture.

My 2010 365 Set

Jay's 2010 365 Set


MelissaS said...

Can I have the Chloe closeup postersize?

EmileeHope said...

Hey Kate! This is Emilee. It was nice meeting you on Sunday...looking forward to some fun quilting and crafting times together with the AMQG!