Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bruised Knuckles for Anti-Commercialism

Alright, that title might be a little over the top. It is true that I can't stand the little Valentine's cards that all the stores carry for kids, especially since this year the ones I kept seeing everywhere were Bratz. I absolutely refuse to support those hideous little dolls in any way. But if I'm honest, then I have to admit that my obsession with owning luxurious textiles of any kind (mostly fabric and embellishments, but really nice paper wanders in too) is the real reason that I was determined to make valentine's for the girls' classes this year. A trip to Michael's for something else entirely ended with a bag full of gorgeous glittery heart papers and stickers and a very simple idea of cutting out squares, folding the corners in to the middle, filling with a little candy treat and securing with a sticker in mind. Simple. Fast. Then I had to take a little peek at internet land to see if there was anything a little cuter we might want to try and of course found tons of ideas. I finally settled on this one, printed the template and loaded up the little one for another trip to the store for pipe cleaners and candy (there was a comment from someone who used Smarties that I thought was a great idea). So, we made 50 of these and I am now sporting lovely bruises across my knuckles from cutting out all the wings. The girls really enjoyed twisting on the pipe cleaners and putting the Smarties in the wings, then we added some stickers for a finishing touch. I think they turned out super cute:

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