Thursday, February 14, 2008

V-day Craftiness

I have done more for Valentine's day this year than ever before simply because I have been so inspired by all of the crafty blogs that I've become completely addicted to. And, I have to say, I enjoyed doing the things I did this year more than ever before! First up, mom got me one of the circle yoyo makers from clover when we were in a quilt store weeks ago and then I came across heart shaped ones online (at Joann's) and ordered her one of each size. Of course I got myself a set too and whipped up some little beauties to decorate her gift from the girls (this book, a feast for the eyes and cute story, especially for quilters with grandchildren). The yoyo makers make perfect yoyos every time and they are super easy, I glued mine to some ribbon and tied them around the book covered with some leftover v-day paper:

Originally I had wanted to make a valentine garland out of a bunch of these to drape from the mantle or across the window, but got too busy making other things. I think they would also be cute on valentine placemats for the girls (they love a good themed placemat) you could do a line down one side of the mat and affix them with velcro so they could come off for washing the mats. Maybe I can whip up a couple for next year while I am still thinking about them.

I made a card for the lovely man in my life using Martha's card template from her show yesterday. She of course made a huge froufy thing covered with lace and fabric, I just wanted something cute to stick a picture of us in:

For the girls I made pointy kitties from the extremely popular Wee Wonderfuls pattern, they have been begging for one ever since I made one for mom for her Christmas stocking. You may notice the tail on one is considerably shorter than the other, I thought I was being clever by clipping the fabric near the seam in the tail closer to make turning it out easier, but I just ended up splitting the seam when I tried to stuff it. So, the end of the tail got whacked off and kitty was left a little short. Hey, kitties have all different length tails, right?

They are also getting this book which I have seen mentioned in many a blog so we can start daydreaming about spring adventures and fairy visits.

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