Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding (Reception)

Here is my best friend since childhood, we have known each other since we were 7 (are those the cutest freckles ever or what?):

Here we are sometime around 9th grade (I adored that white jacket, it had matching white pants with lace that I wore way too frequently. Also, the checked jacket was mine and was also adored. And why does her hair look so normal?):

Here we are weekend before last at her wedding reception. They had the reception at the Atlanta zoo and it was so much fun watching the pandas munch bamboo while we munched wedding food. I do think they should have been allowed access to the bar though, pandas want to party too!

I love this girl. Our friendship has had moments of closeness and distance over our 25 years, but it has always been there. She is part of what makes me, and I wish that part crazy amounts of happiness, laughter, and support during the hard times with her awesome new hubbie. Congrats D!

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quiltu said...

What do you mean "hard times"? You know marriage is just one big party!!!!! I wish you the best too and I am sorry I couldn't get to the zoo. Go forth and be happy most of the time.
Much love to you both,
Grammy Kathy