Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Recap

Another fantastic summer weekend has slipped by, this one went quick with what seemed like back to back activities. Friday evening was spent with friends at the pool where we all tried to cool off and enjoyed pizza poolside (the kids are all getting old enough to eat dinner at their own table while the adults hang at a different one, it rocks, especially when you are talking about 6 kids). Saturday we ventured out to some new nearby parks, the Suwanee Town Center Fountains and Playtown Suwanee. We will definitely be back at the fountains soon, but Playtown Suwanee can wait until it cools down a bit. It's a great kids park, but the Georgia summer is getting to that point where anything outside that doesn't involve water just isn't much fun. Saturday afternoon Jay went off to his baseball game and I started in on my Birdie Bag. After being heckled by my mom and friend as a definite chronic project starter and often just buyer, I dove into both of my newest projects. I'm proud to say my bag is finished as of about 15 minutes ago, but its debut will have to wait until tomorrow when I have some good light to photograph it in all its glory. And, my newest scarf adventure is coming along beautifully, alpaca yarn is an absolute joy to knit with and this scarf moves really fast.
However, my knitting does become somewhat hindered when I try to knit sitting at my computer to watch how-to videos and then look down at the floor to find a scene like this (all my yarn was in that bag last I looked). And not a cat to be seen... very suspicious. I've been concientiously putting my knitting well away at night, apparently I'm not the only one that loves alpaca yarn.
So, Saturday evening I broke from sewing to take the girls to Chick-fil-a for dinner to cool off (remember we have no ac upstairs) and ended up being invited over to my mom's for ice cream. She really just wanted to snuggle the girls one last time before going out of town. Sunday Jay and I, with great anticipation, went to see Batman. Holy crap, that movie rocked! The Joker was fantastic and wonderfully creepy. So much so that I am a bit appalled that it is rated PG-13. The movie felt like it was really long simply because I was tense throughout the whole thing. Jay said today that he wants to see it at least one more time in the theater, it really is that good. But psycho creepy. But good.
The rest of Sunday was spent sweating over a hot iron. Who knew attaching interfacing to your fabrics took so long? And so much steam? I will be back tomorrow with a Birdie Bag debut and full pattern review. I am also happy to report that we have air conditioning again, now if I could just get the garage door and the phone to work.

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Anonymous said...

The cat looks like he (she) just woke up from a long sleep! Good picture...