Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Pants and Why My Neighbors Think I Am Off My Rocker

A second pair of sucessful pants! It is always nice to know the first time you make something isn't just a fluke. These turned out even better than the first pair I think.

And they just happen to match a certain skirt, if you are in to the whole super ruffle-y boutique-y look, which apparently this child is all about as of five minutes ago.
I tried to convince her to let me shorten the ruffles until they are more like a trim (like the next picture) but she is having none of it. She says I can make her another pair to be capris with a short ruffle. Sigh.
These pants were made from an old shirt, so after I was done I was looking at the sleeves I had whacked off the shirt trying to think of something to do with them, leg warmers maybe? Then it came to me...
Lucy the webkinz deer happened to be sitting on my sewing table in a cute purple webkinz-wear skirt, so I chopped off the end of a sleeve and whipped up my own skirt version. The youngest child took Lucy to the bus stop and told all the other moms that I made Lucy's skirt. She was so proud. And yes, bus stop ladies, I spent my day making a reindeer a skirt.


Kathy Bridges said...

Sorry, but the Court is right! That long ruffle is adorable. What makes it work is that it isn't real gathered, it is perfect. You are killing me with all this great stuff. Lucy is one lucky raindear!!
the Mom who is also working on stuff but very quietly!

MelissaS said...

It's a sickness. And it's catching. I'll be making pants when we return from Nashville. Just you wait!

Teresa said...

Hi Kate,
I'm from Georgia too. Atlanta for 15 years, then I moved back home to Cochran, Ga. I'm fairly new to blogging, but I love your blog! You're on my fav list. I have a bernina and I love mine too!
The pants are adorable! I'm so jealous ... AQS show in Nashville.
And your tutorials are fabulous. keep up the fabulous work.