Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This is... so frustrating!

Melissa picked the "this is" theme for last week to try to get us back to it. There are plenty of little things that happen from time to time that are very frustrating, like dealing with an incorrect charge on my phone bill or having to drive by four gas stations before finding one with gas this morning, but I'm going to pick the one that I experience almost every single day at my job for pure consistent frustration. A large part of my job consists of signing people up to take a class. They call me to get the class schedule and then tell me what day they want to attend and I get all their needed information. Not exactly rocket science. But every single day I experience this sentence after relaying the current schedule... "Oh, hold on a minute, let me find my calendar". And then I wait. While they shuffle through the stuff on their desk or in their purse. This seriously frustrates me. While I say through clenched teeth "Oh, sure, take your time" I'm actually having to practice deep breathing and hold back a lecture about how my time is valuable and being wasted. I know, it is little, but it is really frustrating!

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Shannon said...

That does sound frustrating!

A lot of my job is phone work, too. People expect us to be error-free, but so many of our clients could care less if they are late, expect more work than scheduled without concern for other clients, etc.

I need to write my entry.