Monday, April 13, 2009

Yes, I'm supposed to be sewing napkins...

... but I got a gift card to the yarn shop for my birthday. And my lovely mom got me one of these:

and now it is just sooooo much fun to make these:

and she also happened to mention about how this yarn would make a lovely shawl for my wedding when it gets cool in the evening. So, it's true, now there is another wedding project. She actually told me I could leave the yarn at her house and she would work on it, but I had already dropped two other projects off at her house that day. Plus, how could I leave this yarn behind anywhere? Really, just a few more weeks and then I will find something to blog about besides wedding stuff. Really!


Journeying Five said...

it looks postively scrumptious! happy knitting! don't we all have other projects we are suppose to be doing?

jacquie said...

i would like to talk with you about your fairy minkee quilt. i'm doing a quilt for my son's graduation and he wants minkee on the back. if you have time could you drop me an email.
jacquie tallgrass prairie studio.
jgeringirre at yahoo dot com.