Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Quilt Gift - Finally Posted!

In all the craziness preceding our recent vacation out to Idaho I was unable to find any time to post about a wonderful gift I recently received. Now we are back (I miss you Idaho!) and everything is still crazy, but I have to show you all this quilt that my very best quilt buddy made me for a wedding gift. (Jay keeps correcting me that she made it for US, but I have been under it pretty much non-stop since it arrived at our house a couple weeks ago). Melissa has blogged about it here, so I will just show some pictures and say again thank you Mel, you're the best and we love it!


Anonymous said...

Idaho misses you too but I am glad to see your beautiful quilt!

Aunt Jan

MelissaS said...

Your welcome! It truly was a charmed quilt that I hope brings you and Jay the charmed life you deserve.

Love, M

Kathy said...

Truely a gift from the heart. You two have to stay together forever for the sake of the quilt!!!!
oh, I thought I was your best quilting buddy!?!?!?!

Kate said...

You are my quilting guru and mentor, Mel and I just try to live up to your awesomeness!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous quilt Melissa - maybe I will get to meet you some day. - Audrey

MelissaS said...

One day Audrey, one day!