Friday, November 6, 2009

Alpaca Love

Life has been crazy around these parts without much stitching going on (still working on socks for the little people), but I wanted to post about our most recent adventure out to Idaho. I have posted before about my Aunt and Uncle's house there and a couple of weeks ago Jay and I went out to join them and my mom on the ranch.

They have some wonderful neighbors, and knowing what fiber enthusiasts we are, they set up a visit to a nearby alpaca farm for us. My mom keeps talking about wanting alpacas and I keep trying to shove her in that direction, so we were total geeky knitters going to visit this herd. They have 15 alpacas that we got to meet and try to entice with apples, then they showed us how they spin the fiber and make yarn, which OF COURSE we had to buy some of.

This little guy is an outcast from the herd (apparently alpacas can be a bit uppity), doesn't he look like he needs to come live in Georgia? We named him Snowball. I wish he would have fit in my luggage!

The horses were VERY jealous of all the alpaca attention.


Kathy said...

SNOWBALL, where are you?????? I would make you feel loved!
Grammy Kathy

Anonymous said...

I don't know how to email you, BUT you mentioned you'd like to see the felt food I made once completed. I have the pics on my blog. Thanks for stopping by! I had no idea you had even commented until I started looking at past posts. I need to get a notification or something! LOL. Thanks!!!

Fonville Farm said...

Hi Kate,
I love your blog! You are so talented! I have just moved to the Atlanta area, actually we're in Douglasville. I can't wait to see more of your talent!

Journeying Five said...

great pictures!

Mary said...

ok, you have to post because every time I check your blog and see the first picture (face of alpaca)I just want to grab that cute alpaca face and kiss it! Deliver me from that weird urge!