Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Unlimited Opportunities for Obsession

That's the thing with sewing and knitting and such, there are always new aspects of all these crafty endeavors to learn, and plenty of already obsessed people to push you over the edge of reason!  For example, my dear mother, who has decided to buy a spinning wheel  and so forces me into deep conversations about fiber and all its possibilities (I'm still trying to convince her to get an alpaca, how is she resisting THIS FACE).  This, in turn, gets me thinking about how I can join in the fun without spending the bazillions of dollars that she is, which naturally leads to lots of research into spindles and hand spinning.  Throw in some birthday gift certificates, a lot of encouragement from another Kate, and winning a 40 percent off coupon at my favorite yarn store and a new hobby is born.  Here is my new spindle! (called trindles by some? difference?) 

Along with plenty of alpaca corriedale blend to get started on.

Now friends, you know it doesn't stop there.  Books must be ordered.  Fancy spindles must be shopped... these are gorgeous... and you know the minutes are being counted down until this weekend, when I will be making yarn!  Making. Yarn!  Should I mention that my ball of fiber is sitting next to me on the couch snuggled up under my arm like some sort of fluffy adoring animal?  That I just offered Jay a squeeze and assured him it would bring him inner peace?  That I made him choose between about five edited pictures of that alpaca/wool to help me decide which showed off its fluffy soft sheepiness the best?  Yeah, should probably keep all that to myself.

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Kate said...

You remind me so much of a young me.

And by "young me" I mean, "me 5 days ago. And now, actually."

I LOVE your spindle! So cool! (wantey......:-)