Thursday, July 8, 2010

Knitting Time/Space Continuum Warp

I had a very odd experience the other day... after I posted about Melissa's birthday socks I was reading the fall KnitSimple magazine that I grabbed at a new way-too-close-to-me yarn shop and right there in the magazine were the socks I had just posted about. 

My Sock:

Magazine Sock:

(this picture also proves that good studio lighting gives a much better representation of yarn colors)

Now, usually I see something in a magazine, drool over it for a very long time, then finally get around to knitting it.  This was like some sort of knitting time warp!  I actually somehow started knitting a project in a magazine feature before ever seeing it.  I'm talking same Unisomo yarn and colorway and same pattern here people!  Freaky.  I have to admit it made me feel quite clever, like I am in tune with the knitting pulse of the universe.  Maybe I am a yarn psychic!  Nah, just a yarn psycho.


Anonymous said...

I always knew you had your finger on the pulse of fashion.

The Aunt

Kathy said...


MelissaS said...

I vote psycho...but in a good way. :)