Monday, February 18, 2013

Gifts for Knitters

I always love it in December when The Yarn Harlot posts her suggestions for holiday gifts for knitters.  I look through all her links and think to myself, "Yep, this knitter would like that.  Yep, you're spot on with that one Yarn Harlot".  Well, I have a birthday coming up, and at our family Spring birthdays celebration this past weekend I was gifted with some exceptionally great knitterly gifts.  I have other knitters in the family, so they are pretty good at gifting things they know I will like, but if you are not a knitter and you are shopping for a knitter I can guarantee you the knitter you are shopping for will like these:

Noni's Lipstick and Change Kit

Ravelry Info


This is a kit that has yarn, the purse frame and directions for an ADORABLE little felted change purse.  Now, the kit alone would make a great gift for a knitter.  However, my very clever and knitterly mother made the purse, bought me a lipstick and made a tiny little change holder to go in it.  She also topped it off with a K charm and change in the change purse, because she is awesome and detailed like that.  I assure you, whether just the kit or the completed kit, this is a gift any knitter would love.


The second gift I received is a standby favorite any time you need a gift for a knitter... a skein of Three Irish Girls yarn.  You can't go wrong here, and one skein is perfect for socks.  Look at this one, or this one, or this beauty!  But if you really want to go above and beyond, then you find a skein of Three Irish Girls yarn with a colorway named after your beloved knitter.  That is what my Aunt did and I haven't stopped beaming and feeling very important since having it gifted to me.  Also I may or may not have slept with it the first night I brought it home.  I'll never tell.  I mean really, look at this gorgeousness!



Jan said...

Said Aunt is very pleased that you are so pleased with your yarn. It was my pleasure!

Kathy Bridges said...

I did not make the little pink change purse, it came from Pier 1.
And, there was some brainstorming at knit group about the lipstick and change part. Just have to give full disclosure!