Thursday, March 21, 2013

Knitty Morning Out

After a YEAR of my mom casually reminding me that her knit group meets at Starbucks on Thursday mornings, I actually went!  How is it possible that the last time I dropped in on these ladies I was pregnant?  There must have been a time warp I tell ya.  I did a lot of chatting and checking out what everyone is working on, but I also put the finishing touches on Penelope the monster!  I still have to knit the baby monster, but at least I now have part of the oldest daughter's "Christmas present" to give her.


Over coffee and knit chat I was convinced to stop by the re-opening of our nearby knitting shop, Fleece.  They have moved even closer to where I live, which is quite dangerous for my wallet.  Penelope and I headed over there to check out the new location.


After a Grand Opening mimosa and some yarn petting, I was ready to declare this a successful knitty morning out... why don't I do this more often?



Quiltin' Jenny said...

Penelope is absolutely awesome! Love seeing you and your mom - wish it were in person!

Kathy Bridges said...

I had a big time! Thank you for the help picking out NEXT Christmas's project yarn.