Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Crafty Resolution List

I have been miserably sick with strep, that my dear daughter shared with me, for the last few days and pretty much all I could muster the strength to do was catch up on blogs.  This time of year everyone is busy posting their New Year's resolutions and as I laid there sick, feverish and delusional I had time to think about the type of resolution I wanted to make this year.  Not something boring like exercising or eating right (those especially don't sound appealing when the room is spinning and your throat is on fire), but something fun instead.  Something I want to do instead of something I feel like I need to fix.  Maybe this misses the point of resolutions, but it sure was a nice diversion to think about things I would like to do when I felt better.  I am resolving to take the time to accomplish some of the online tutorials/patterns/recipes that I have had starred and on my list for quite some time (some of them since I started reading blogs in 2008).  I guess it is sort of like resolving to do more of the things I like to do, or resolving to get off the computer and make stuff, or resolving to narrow my focus since I chose from hundreds of starred items in google reader to come up with the following list of fifteen things I would like to sew, knit or cook in the coming year.  These ones stood out in particular because they are all things that I have thought about doing several times, have most likely already subjected my husband to descriptions of their cleverness, and quite likely have already bought the supplies for, but just haven't quite made the time in the past to complete them.  So, this resolution will also clear out some mental clutter upon completion.

2011  Crafty Resolution List

Drafty Door Thingy from Not Martha

Doorstop from Wipster (via the long thread)

Buttercup Bag from Made by Rae (I even bought fabric to make this well over a year ago)

Gathered Clutch by Skip To My Lou

Zippered Pouches by Flossie Teacakes (via How About Orange) or These by Sew 4 Home

Reusable Snack Bags by I Have to Say

Granola - Soule Mama's adaptation

Butter via Angry Chicken comments on the subject - Have been thinking about this since she first posted it, we love butter!

Elf Hats - ok, this one is from a book, More Last Minute Knitted Gifts, which I own, but after seeing SouleMama knit a bunch of these for Christmas presents I can't stop thinking about them.

Gap-tastic Cowl - This one is on Ravelry.  I love it when something so incredibly simple becomes rampantly popular as soon as someone takes the time to write a free pattern.  It is taking all my willpower to not start one of these immediately, and it doesn't help that Lion Brand yarn is buy one get one free at Michael's today, or that it is supposed to snow starting tonight.  At least now I have the excuse that it is part of my New Year's resolution!

French Press Felted Slippers - top left pattern.  I own this pattern, I have watched almost every knitter in the blogosphere knit up a pair, it is time to get over my fear of all those seams and trust in the magic of felting!

5 Minute Skirt by Angry Chicken

Felted Knitting Basket from Martha Stewart

Bunny Nuggets by Rebecca Danger

Figure 8 Scarf by Anna Maria Horner - already have the fabric, should be a quickie!

Do you have any long-thought-about craftiness that you want to accomplish this year? 

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No, but I am going to start on your list right now!!