Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rotini Scarf Update

(How we spent New Year's day. We had so much fun it may need to become a tradition.)
The most visited post on this blog is my "A Scarf by Many Names" post from last November.  Apparently rotini scarves or potato chip scarves or ruffle scarves or whatever you want to call them are quite popular.  There is even a forum on craftster concerning my post for people that don't understand what I mean by the "knit 8, turn and knit back" directions.  Isn't it funny how the simplest things can somehow be so hard to understand?  I truly feel for these knitters since I read patterns all the time and think "what the HELL are they talking about?", but once I am shown whatever it is I can't believe I couldn't figure it out.  I think I will try to film a little video this weekend on short rows, it is the only way I can take the befuddled masses, sit them down, and show them what I mean.  It will be easy to film this video since my scarf is still a little over halfway done, unlike my mom who has knit, I think at last count, five?  Maybe six?  Two of them were Christmas presents for the shrimp, modeled above.  Here are some more pics for your viewing pleasure, I still love how the noro yarn makes them so colorful! 


You'll notice that on these she sewed the tips together at each end and added a big, lovely flower button.  I'm pretty sure I will do something similar on mine, when I get around to actually finishing it.  The one below she knitted for herself... it is from a slightly thicker noro yarn and she reduced the number of stitches in a row to compensate.  It is just as ruffle-y, but has a little extra squish to it, which is nice.  Wouldn't these make a wonderful Valentine's day present for someone you know?


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