Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Knitting - Gap-tastic Cowl


I can only think of one activity that can keep me continually entertained for 6 days of being snowed in.  I don't know what I used to do in such situations before I learned to knit!  Last week I started the Gap-tastic Cowl as the first flakes began to fall and bound off as most of the snow finally melted away. This great big scrunchy cowl is listed on my 2011 Crafty Resolution list and there are quite a few reasons I became instantly enamored with it:

1) It was posted on Ravelry and quickly had hundreds of knitters knitting it. I'm a sucker for knitting crowd mentality.
2) It is a pattern written up after someone went into the Gap, said "I can make that", counted the stitches and went home and knit it up.  I have the desire to do this very same thing all the time, but rarely follow through, so it felt good to mooch off of the same sentiment from someone else.
3) It can be worn several ways.  I can never resist versatility.
4) It promised to be quick and simple. Even for a slow as molasses type knitter like myself.
5) There was a buy one get one free sale on Lion Brand Thick and Quick yarn at Michael's. Free Yarn!
6) Did I mention there was a forecast for a huge snow storm?


I simply didn't stand a chance against all of these factors and had to start on it immediately, even though I have several projects STILL waiting for my attention.  Like a rotini scarf perhaps.  Or a Clapotis for goodness sakes.  Or, shame of easily distracted knitter shames, Melissa's socks, which were for her birthday last July!!!  I have to admit that there was a very large sense of satisfaction after finishing this up after 6 days, which means a knitter that knits at more than a snails pace could make this in a day or two.  It's warm, it's smooshy, and it is marked off the list!



The Yellow Door Paperie said...

So cute! I must join the knitting mob mentality and make one too!

Quiltin' Jenny said...

Gorgeous! And jealous that you got so much accomplished while I was wasting time reading the Twilight saga.

Jeannette said...

Lovely! I just finished the same a light sand color. I love yours!