Monday, October 20, 2008

The Best Weekends are Fall Weekends

After dealing with a bit of a rough day at school on Friday (she was defending a friend, but apology notes were written on principle), we jumped into a busy weekend. The girls were in a wedding on Saturday for their dad's brother, leaving me free to make some major progress on the quilt I am making for my soon to be 7 year old's birthday. Once I figured out that I was trying to make the wrong size quilt based on the fabric kit I bought it went quite fast. (I can hear you laughing Melissa, cut it out). I love, love, love these Full Moon Forest fabrics by Moda, they have animals hidden in almost all of the prints. Very fairytale-ish I think. Today I will be searching out some backing fabric, I have to somehow get this done in two weeks.

Saturday I mostly spent at the Gwinnett Sewing and Quilt Expo with the mom and the aunt. There were lovely quilts on display and lots of great vendors, it is very dangerous having all your favorite local quilt stores in one room. We definitely managed to do our part to support the local quilting economy.

Fall decorating around here is slowly taking shape, and that, along with the nice cool and crisp morning this morning, put baked apples on my mind... so I decided on one for breakfast. My dad made these a lot when I was a kid. He would dig out the middle of the apple to remove the core, put in a spoon of butter and a handful of raisins and then pour Coke over the whole thing. It was finished off with a dash of cinnamon and cooked in the microwave for about 4 minutes. I didn't have any raisins, but I loaded mine up with butter and Coke, cinnamon and ground cloves this morning. Next time I'm at the store I'm going to get some of those dried cranberries or craisins, I think those would be pretty tasty. I've seen other people fill theirs with brown sugar instead of Coke, but I like how the Coke kind of caramelizes on the bottom of the bowl when you cook it, and it all smells soooooo good.

Oh, and I also must mention that one of my little artistes had her artwork chosen for the spring art show at school (the child turning 7, not the head-butting one). Between Grammy and I, it has probably been completely blown out of proportion, but we are just so proud that she loves to create as much as we do (and a little recognition can go a long way)!


quiltu said...

I will have Grampy read this. He will be tickled about the apples. I am beeming about the art, like I had anything to do with it!!

Alli said...

I am laughing out loud at that card! Funny that I've never seen an "I'm sorry I head-butted you" card at Hallmark. They should start mass producing those.

Also, the baked apples look delicious! I've never heard of making baked applies in the microwave - I might have to try it out!