Friday, October 3, 2008

Randomness and Lack of Self Control

Been a little too busy to blog lately, but thought I would pop in for a quick post. What have I been doing, you ask? Well, my mostly part-time job turns into a mostly full-time job in September and October. Also, I agreed to help put on a charity auction/comedy event for a few hundred people that takes place, um, tomorrow. So, been a bit psycho harried impossible to put up with busy the last few days. So, what do I do when I'm being pulled in a million different directions by job, family and random charity event? Buy embarrassingly large quantities of yarn of course! Apparently I am never too busy to drop absolutely everything and run off to a yarn-store-closing-40%-off-sale-event. Mom mentioned that Knots of Yarn was going out of business (sniff, sniff) Wednesday night and we were there almost at store opening on Thursday morning. And now, my loyal readers, I must confess that I am a bit ashamed of what transpired at said store-closing-40%-off-event. Did I mention 40% off?!!! My mother and I lost all semblence of self control and endulged in what only can be described as a yarn buying frenzy. However, as I sit here with my overflowing bag of yarn beside me, right where I can reach out and grab a skein to stroke and admire from time to time, a sense of calmness and clarity descends upon me, one that could not be acheived with hours and hours of real therapy (and do you know how much that costs?!!!). Yes, I am here to rationalize my yarn buying excess by the pure and simple fact that yarn therapy is worth each and every penny. Especially when it comes deeply discounted. Hopefully this picture of my newly extended stash will help to bring a sense of well-being to your day too...

Merino and Silk and Mohair and Cashmere, OH MY!

I know, it isn't quite the same. My youngest child cried on the way home from school because she wanted yarn too, she has a long life of textile addiction ahead of her.

This isn't all of it I'm afraid. Some things have been left out because of the enormous gift giving holiday looming at the end of the year. The lovely rainbow balls on the left will be cast on next week to begin scarves that the girls will be getting for Christmas (luckily they don't read my blog). They have been begging for scarves, I love that they really seem to appreciate handmade items. Can't wait to share all the upcoming projects that I plan on diving into next week!