Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obligatory Political Post

I will be voting early next week in an attempt to avoid the November 4th crowds. It seems like every blog you read these days has something to say about the election, so I thought I would get my two cents in. I am not the type to ever tell someone else who to vote for, I think it is a decision that each person has to come to based on what they believe government should provide/take away in their lives, but I am happy to share some random links from around the internet that I have used to help make my own decision...

First up, the sites that help cut through the clutter:

Political Fact Check

Analysis of the Candidates' Tax Plans

Other Ballot Questions for Georgia

Go here for an in-depth look at Palin's "career" in politics (scroll down to about the fifth paragraph), then try this one for a look at why Obama may not quite be "the answer" for the struggling lower and middle class.

Why do I put an article on Palin instead of McCain? Well, because I think the most important article on McCain may very well be this one.

Which means you really have to take a hard look at his running mate, you know, her:

But then, if you really need McCain in action, this is one of my favorites:

So really, I think it is up to you to decide to vote for either that hideous woman that will end up as president if John "I think women are lining up to have late-term abortions for the fun of it" McCain is elected or for Obama's terrible tax plan, but please just educate yourself on the issues so that you don't go to the polls "decided" like these people:

And just one more because it cracks me up...