Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Super Quick Road Trip

We have been saying forever that we would head up to Asheville to visit the cousins and check out their new guest house, and this past weekend happened to work out for a super quick road trip. We piled into the car Saturday morning and headed north. The trees in the Atlanta area had barely started to change, but about an hour farther north showed definite signs of fall. We had a planned stop at the Tallulah Gorge overlook to take in the scenery. It was lovely, but if you are in the area the next couple of weekends it will be spectacular.
Our next stop was not at all planned, but I simply could not pass up the roadside sign that promised Goats On The Roof. "GOATS ON THE ROOF!!!" I exclaimed several times with escalating excitement, and Jay obligingly did a u-turn to take us back to check it out. I don't know, for some reason I just really like goats. And c'mon, put them on a roof and I'm there. And even better, you get to feed them using clever little contraptions!
Look at that glee at feeding the goats! Now that's some roadtrip fun. The shrimp were almost as enamoured with the goats as I was. Jay humoured us, but mostly smirked at the goat spectacle.
The rest of the drive was spent admiring the trees as we got closer to Asheville, they became quite a spectacular sight to behold. After arriving we got the official tour of the new guest house (the oldest child calls it The Hotel). I'm proud of myself when I make a scarf, but Cousin Trey builds a whole house! Now that's crafty. Sure, he had a bit of help, but still.
The little cousins even sat still for a picture. Well, for a moment anyway... And this is what I get from the "grown-ups"... That night Arwen made a delicious dinner, here she is working hard. Hmm, where could Trey be? Sorry Arwen, this is a terrible picture of you, but it cracks me up. We also celebrated the almost-seven-year-old's birthday. The next day we headed to the park with some very tired children and wore them out some more playing soccer. The youngest child slept the entire trip home.


Arwen said...

The hotel is always open for the Atlanta contigent! So glad you came.

MelissaS said...

Where else but in the South are you going to find someone who makes their goats living on a roof a roadside attraction! I love it here!